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Kissito Healthcare Bland County Celebrates National Nursing Home Week

National Nursing Home Week started with a bang this year! We were able to take our residents, patients, staff, and their children on a helicopter ride on a tour of Bland County. This has been an annual event for several years. Everyone looks forward to the event, especially the residents that do not get out very often. When one of our residents was asked, what did you enjoy most on your flight? She said “looking down from the sky, all of the houses and cars looked very small”!

National Nursing Home Week runs from May 10th thru May 16th. This year’s theme is Fiesta! Activities include games outside, snow cone machine, waffles for lunch, singing, face painting, kettle corn, cook out, and ice cream for residents and employees. We want to thank the community for helping us with another successful Nursing Home Week!

Caregivers Honored

The Long Term Care Coordinating Committee for Planning District Three presented its bi-annual Caregiver Awards Aug. 6 at the offices of District Three Governmental Cooperative in Marion.

The winners of the awards are Carolyn Copeland of Sugar Grove who is a volunteer with Hospice of Southwest Virginia and Francis Marion Manor; Savannah Stoots of Marion, a family caregiver; Deanna Hines of Wytheville, an employee of Hospice of Southwest Virginia; and Doris Vanover, an employee of Kissito Healthcare in Bland County.

Other caregivers recognized include Crystal Anders, who works for the Smyth County Department of Social Services; Nick Avila of Galax; Johnathan Nelson, an employee of Kissito Healthcare of Bland; and Megan Roark, a certified nursing assistant with Valley Healthcare in Chilhowie. Presenters commended all of those recognized for their commitment to providing care to those in need as well as the many other caregivers in the region that give of themselves to care for others.

Dr. John Turski III, medical director for Hospice of Southwest Virginia, was the keynote speaker. He talked about his own experiences as a caregiver and praised all caregivers as “heroes.” He said that the little things we do sometimes have a much bigger impact than we can imagine.


Call 276-688-4141 for a complete listing of all happenings at Kissito Healthcare - Bland County.

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