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Kissito Bland County - For the Betterment and Care of Human Life

Our History

In the mid 1980's, nine interested residents in Bland County got together to form a Board for the purpose of bringing a health care facility to the County. Until then, the residents of Bland County had to go out of the area when they needed skilled nursing care and intermediate care. The board was make up of different occupations such as: nursing, pharmacist, teacher, house wife, and business men. The Board actually started out to raise money by selling hot dogs and other items.

Then, Dr. George Kegley became involved and was instrumental in helping the community to obtain a Certificate of Need from the Virginia State Health Department for a 57 bed facility, eight of which were skilled beds. The facility opened in May of 1989 and was named the George B. Kegley Manor.

In January 2005, Kissito Healthcare obtained the George B. Kegley Manor, which was incorporated to became Kissito Healthcare Bland County. The facility currently has 57 dual certified Medicare/Medicaid beds. The proud residents of Bland now can visit their loved ones in a skilled nursing facility in their community.

Kissito Healthcare - Bland County

12185 Grapefield Road, Bastian, VA 24314   • 
Phone: 276.688.4141 
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