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Weaning Program

A unique understanding of ventilator care

Kissito Healthcare Bland County has been serving the health care needs of ventilator residents for more than two decades. Rooted in a tradition of excellence in nursing and respiratory care, our extensive experience enables us to better respond to the unique challenges of ventilator dependent residents and enhances our ability to restore patients to the highest levels of form, function, and independence. Our ventilator weaning program specializes in determining an individual’s best plan of care when it comes to ventilator weaning over a period of time.

Our care team will determine a ventilator weaning plan of care by examining:

  • Diet
  • History & Physical
  • Lab results
  • Ventilator Settings
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Evaluations
  • Oxygenation Status
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Psychological Factors
  • Medications
  • Overall Health and Resident Goals

Generally, our residents in our ventilator support weaning program will fall into one of two categories

  1. those for whom liberation is quick and routine and
  2. those requiring a more gradual reduction in the weaning of ventilator support.

Weaning is a unique service not usually found in a post acute setting. Typically acute care hospitals are highly successful weaning residents while in their care. However, if they are unable to wean in the hospital setting a post acute setting may be another option. Kissito Healthcare Bland County is a true post-acute ventilator facility that understands all of the complex components associated with the weaning process. It is this expertise that has allowed us to wean over one-third of our Weanable residents in 2013.

We invite you regardless of lack of past success to experience the approach that has left so many at a high level of function and independence.

For more information about our Ventilator Care, CLICK HERE to view our brochure.

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